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Business Educator and Economic Thought Leader

As a business thought leader and inspirational director, Paul Rauseo addresses those essential elements of leadership necessary for small business owners to thrive. Mr. Rauseo is a respected expert in organizational development and change management solutions.

He advocates the practice of engineering a pre-planned profit to small business. No longer is profit planning to be the exclusive domain of the Fortune and Forbes Companies. Over time, his fervor for teaching small business owners to engineer a pre-planned profit earned him the nickname amongst clients and colleagues as “Profit Engineer.”

Paul teaches his clients to manage the “business side of the business.” He often refers to small business owners as the “best in class;” meaning they are the best at their trade, vocation or profession.

To ensure the “best in class” succeed, he has devoted the majority of his life’s work to providing management consulting and training to this underserved segment. Paul has written over 400 articles and white papers designed to provide small business owners with the tools necessary to continue his or her trade, vocation or profession while simultaneously managing employees and the “business side of the business.” Additionally, he has overseen nearly 50,000 management consulting engagements throughout his career.

Paul’s unique, incisive and innovative insights pertaining to small business have been featured by most media, including Bloomberg Business News, BusinessWeek Magazine, Smart Money, Fox Business News, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Wall Street Select, CBS Money Watch, Morningstar, Chicago Tribune, Channel 13, Radio 1510, Channel 2, Euro Investor, ABC7 TV, Channel 5, WBZ 38, Kiplinger Report, Washington G-2Reports, and radio stations WBBM, WCBS, WCCO,KCBS, KDKA, KFWB, KMOX, KNX10, WRAL, and WTIC.

Beyond writing, news conferences, speaking and management consulting engagements, the essence of Paul’s work will be encapsulated in his forthcoming book : Murder or Suicide: The Failure of Small Business in The Great Recession.

Bullet Proof Profit Model
Profit Engineering is based on the premise that profit should be the first line item to be addressed, not the last line item to be accounted for.

Sales – Expenses = Unknown profit until books are prepared; what’s left over essentially!

Sales – Profit = Expenses; so long as expenses are controlled!

Paul’s message heard around the world speaks to the concept of creating a business environment of Engineered Profit. This business model requires a change in thinking from Residual Profit to Planned Profit expectations.Typically business awaits the word from their CPA or bookkeeper on the month’s profit or loss statement. This would be residual profit as it is what remains leftover after expenses are paid.Simple : Revenue – Expenses = Residual Profit or LossThe Planned Profit Model utilizes daily operational metrics that are measured, monitored and managed. This business model ensures that when operational metrics are met so too are the profit projections.Simpler : Revenue – Profit = Planned ExpensesRauseo explains, “You choose the business model you want for greater success predictability.” Paul is often heard asking management “Are you tired of eating leftovers?” What Paul Rauseo Talks About:

Paul Rauseo’s dynamic message provides the workforce with practical ideas and thoughtful insights from his work with more than 50,000 organizations over twenty years.

Paul works hard at getting to the real issues within an organization and tailors his message to each group. He is powerful and practical, offering memorable tools to help people and organizations achieve their goals. He delivers an inspiring address that will get people thinking, laughing and taking positive action in the workplace.

Leading In Tough Times Message: Engaging Your Employees During Change

How do we keep people engaged and motivated during tough economic times?

What are the keys to keeping people and leading them through change?

Paul’s message will provide time tested methods that work during tough times to manage the fallout from making necessary changes to an organization.

The session will help leaders understand what people need in changing times and practical ways to engage employees during such times. Filled with real life examples from working with over 50,000 companies, Paul Rauseo will help leaders learn the secrets to companies that navigate tough times effectively. Among other things, leaders will learn how to keep people focused on the long term, how to engage people in change so that they stay successful and not feel like victims. Additionally, Paul speaks about a myriad of tools that create a climate of recognition and success even when things are tough.

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